The Maritime Industry is global and IMPA is recognised as the only global representative of over 8300 Maritime Pilots across 52 countries. We use the resources of our membership to promote effective safety outcomes in pilotage as an essential public service.

Benefits of Membership

  • Representation of Maritime Pilots at The IMO, a United Nations specialised agency with over 160 member states, recognised authority to set international standards of ship safety and vessel-source pollution prevention and control
  • Source of information and advice on all aspects of the profession, and recommended contacts
  • Representation of the profession at other international fora
  • Connection with other Pilots/Association on specific/shared issues
  • Access to a unique website
  • Improvements to personal safety which the Association obtain via IMO/ISO
  • Free publications & Library
  • The International Pilot magazine
  • Biennial conferences where IMPA brings together pilots' associations from around the world, enabling them to air common concerns, compare experiences and pool their expertise in order to formulate IMPA views and policies that are both convincing and practical to implement.
  • Maritime Pilots Association
    12 months
    Package price

    The current annual membership fee is £67 per pilot. Please declare the number of pilots in your Association in order to prepare your invoice accordingly.